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Winter Products

Winter products
Get ready for the snow and ice

We have stocks of de-icing salt, rock salt, snow shovels, frost protection hessian and sledges!

Be prepared!

The last two winters have been some of the harshest on record, causing widespread transport disruption, school closures, and power failures.

Winter 2010-2011 was estimated to have cost the UK economy up to 1.2 billion a day with a total cost of 13 billion.

De-icing Salt

De-icing Salt
De-icing Salt

De-icing salt suitable for roads, carparks, footpaths, walkways, steps, etc.

  • Pure white de-icing salt - cleaner than regular rock salt
  • Packed in 25kg bags
  • Also available in pallets of 56 25kg bags

Call for price and availability 01342 892989

Rock Salt

De-icing Salt
Rock Salt

Rock Salt is typically used by Councils & Highways Agencies.

Rock Salt is used as a road grit by Councils and the Highways Agencies for clearing roads and motorways of snow and ice and for providing traction in freezing weather.

  • Quickly de-ices the area surrounding your home in wintery weather conditions and helps prevent accidents
  • Not as pure as white salt and therefore not as clean to use
  • Packed in 25kg bags
  • Also available in pallets of 56 25kg bags

Call for price and availability 01342 892989

Snow Shovels

Snow Shovel
Plastic Snow Shovel With Handle

The Faithfull FAISNOWH plastic snow shovel head fitted with a wooden handle and a plastic head size of 420mm x 300mm and a 48 inch x 1.1/8 inch wooden handle.

7.99 each (excluding VAT) - Call 01342 892989

Frost Protection Hessian

Frost Protection Hessian
Hessian Frost Protection

137cm x 46m frost protection hessian in stock.

  • Concrete and brickwork
    Hessian frost protection can protect against frost damage to concrete and brickwork
  • Tender exotic plants
    Why not try protecting your tender plants from frost by insulating their trunks and wrapping them in layers of hessian frost protection stuffed with straw

27.50 per 137cm x 46m roll (excluding VAT) - Call 01342 892989


Alpha Snow Sledges

Sledges sell like hot cakes when snow is forecast! Why not let your kids have great fun in the snow on a sled!

  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Approx size 92 x 41cm (36" x 16")
  • Suitable for children from 36 months to 13 years
  • MAX load 60kg
  • High quality plastic
  • Rope pull
  • Conforms to British Standard BSEN 71
  • Ce Approved ages 3+
  • Colour blue

9.99 each (excluding VAT) - Call 01342 892989

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